Here are 5 Steps to Sell Your Home.

    1.    Price it Right - buyer have the internet too, and they will research your house to figure out what it is worth.  If they have an agent, the agent will give them comparable sold homes to help them estimate value. Hire the Agent who Tells you the Truth about the Market - Don’t hire the guy that will tell you anything to get the listing or the one that suggest the highest for the house unless he or she backs that pice up with comparable sold home info.   

     2.    Make the House Move-In-Ready - No one wants to remodel your pink and baby blue bathrooms.  Do some remodeling, painting, cleaning and freshening up before you put the house on the market.  Most buyers have a hard time seeing potential, and they don’t want to or can’t afford to remodel your house.  Make the Outside Inviting - Do some landscaping to make your house look like a home that someone could live in.  Put in boxwoods, seasonal flowers to add some color, and mulch.  Get rid of the “cars in the yard.”
    3.    Don’t get Offended by your 1st Offer - Your first offer will be low, because buyers think they own the market right now.  Counter the offer and find a price that will work for both parties.  don’t get stuck over fighting over a tiny bit of money.  Usually a few thousand dollars isn’t worth loosing the sale of your home.
    4.    The Home Inspector is Coming - The home inspector is paid to find things.  You may have to make a few repairs to things that the home inspector finds.  It is all part of the process.  A good agent will help you determine what is reasonable to repair and what is not.
    5.    Be Patient with the Lending Process - Lending is taking a while.  They are picking some people and their finances to pieces.  Be patient.  If the closing is delayed for a week due to the loan. be willing to wait.  After 2 weeks, you may start to get concerned.  

Good luck selling your home.

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