Do I Sell My House By Owner or Not?

Homes are selling so quickly right now, should you sell your home by owner?
You might find 1 buyer for your home and negotiate a contract, but wouldn't you rather have everyone who is looking at homes like your see your home at one time?
Because of the lack of inventory of homes for sale right now, many people are seeing multiple offers on their homes when they put them on the market with a Realtor.  Multiple offers means that you sell your home for a higher price and for better terms.  Homes sell for 13% more money with a Realtor than by owner, which is way more than the commission that you would pay a Realtor.  I know it is tempting to "save money" by selling it yourself, but you end up making less money selling it yourself.  Call Nathan Walldorf to sell your home.  He has the kind of marketing that gets the home in front of even more people than the typical Realtor in less time.  Nathan is also a broker and has been in real estate his whole life.  Call Nathan at 423-544-7700.