Don't Get in Your Own Way When Buying a Home; 4 Home Buying Tips

Don't look to Zillow as the real estate bible.

Zillow will give you some useful information at times, but that info comes from tax records, which are not always right.  Even their home value info is up to 20% off as stated in their own fine print.  An algorithm does not know how updated one house was compared to another, if a home has a brow view, or if a home is on a lake. Your Realtor does have access to all of that info, so he/she can compare apples to apples.


Don't Let Emotions Cloud Your Judgement.

As you negotiate a home purchase or sale, you may hit a stalemate where one party simply refuses to give any more.  You may be pretty bothered by that fact.  You may even feel like it is not fair.  In the end all, you have to remove those emotions from the equation and figure out what is best for you (to take the offer or not).  Sometimes you may not get everything that you want in the negotiation, but you may get close enough to make it work. 

Don't crowdsource your home buying info.

I had a home for sale on Lookout Mountain.  The young home buyer was told about a potential repair that would need to be confirmed by the proper professional.  That young man proceeded to "crowdsource" information on what it could cost to repair something that he didn't even know needed to be repaired yet.  It takes a professional actually viewing the problem and coming up with an estimate to repair something rather than having a random contractor and random friends guess at what it would cost to fix a problem.  Don't turn to social media or to every friend around you who has incomplete info.  Find the proper professional to help you.  Make a good decision after you have all of the facts.

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