Buying a Home from Start to Finish Part 2
Once you find the home you like, step 5 of buying a home is putting an offer on the home.
Your Realtor will send you homes that sold like the home that you want to buy in order to help guide you on the price.  You will fill out a contract, and you may even go back and forth with the seller on the price and terms of the contract.
Step 6 is to have the home inspected.  That helps eliminate any surprises that you might have about the condition of the home.  
Step 7 is to get the lender whatever documentations that he needs along the way.  The lender will have the home appraised along the way.
Step 8 is to perform a final inspection to make sure the homes is in the same if not better condition.  You will also wire funds to the title company the day before closing.
The final step is to go to the title company, sign closing docs, and walk away with the keys to your new home.



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