Below are some simple tips for How to Sell a Home and Make Money.

  1. Make the house move-in-ready. Home buyers today either do not have the time or the money to remodel your house.  They would rather buy a house that needs minimal immediate work.  Make sure the siding is painted. Give the interior a fresh coat of neutral colored paint.   Take down the outdated wallpaper.  Make the kitchen and baths looked updated.
  2. Get rid of clutter and odors.  You do not want people tripping over toys in order to look at your house.  You also do not want them to open a closet and everything spill out on top of them.  Get as many of the non-essential things out of your house in order to make the space in your house look bigger.  Piling all that stuff in the garage scream, "Home with no storage," so get a storage unit while you sell your house.  You also have to get all of the pet smells out of the home.  Odors can turn off a home buyer.  Dirty dippers can have the same negative effect.
  3. Replace Grandma's quilt.  Make sure your bedspreads and pillows look modern.  You don't want a 1980's flowery bedspread on top of the centerpiece of your bedroom. Make it look appealing to today's home buyer.  
  4. Give the house good curb appeal. Be sure the yard looks good, the flower beds are mulched, and plant bushes in front of the foundation.  Newly painted shutters and doors can also give a house curb appeal.
  5. Have your Realtor prepare a net sheet for you on any offers, so you will completely understand all of the terms & costs of the offer.  Be willing to give on some terms but still get your highest and best price on the house. 
  6. Have your Realtor leave a "helpful packet of information" for the buyer's appraiser to be sure the house appraises for the great sales price that you get on your house. Realtors aren't doing this, but they should.
  7. Hire a Seller's Representative Specialist (SRS).  You want your Realtor to be an SRS who is the most trained to sell your home and take care of you.  Nathan Walldorf is the Chattanooga area SRS, so give him a call at 423-544-7700.