Every year, homeowners getting ready to relocate have to decide whether to sell their property during the holidays or wait. And other people who have already listed their properties could consider taking them off the market and waiting until the new year.
 Here are 4 Reasons to sell your home during the Holidays:
1.    Despite an increase in the number of homes for sale this year, the number of available properties still falls short of the demand from buyers. The National Association of Realtors Economist and Director of Forecasting, Nadia Evangelou, explains:
“There’s still this gap between demand and supply because we were under the building for many years... So now we see demand is slowing, but it still outpaces supply.”
2.    Right now, serious homebuyers are on the market. The younger generation is now driving demand for house purchases, and many of them are ready to buy. The chief economist of First American, Mark Fleming, explains:
 “While not the frenzy of 2021, the largest living generation, the Millennials, will continue to age into their prime home-buying years, creating a demographic tailwind for the housing market.”
3. Even over the holidays, many still want to be homeowners. In fact, many purchasers are drawn to properties that have been festively adorned. Buyers who search for houses over the holidays are serious about buying a home.
4. In recent years, rents have soared. Many purchasers are also trying to avoid the renting trap for another year and rising rents.
“Over the next 12 months, rents are expected to grow more than inflation, the stock market, and home values,” per Zillow.
A home buyer’s key to permanently exiting the rental market may be your home.
It still makes sense to put your property on the market over the holidays. Reach out to Nathan Walldorf at 423-544-7700 to determine if selling now is your best move.