Why It's a Great Time to Sell Your 1st Home

If you purchased your 1st home or your entry level home a few years ago or more, now is a great time to sell that home and move up to a larger one.  Entry level homes are in high demand right now, since the inventory of those types of homes in Chattanoooga, TN is so limited.  I just put a home on the market in Red Bank that I sold to a client a little over 2 years ago. Their home sold in 24 hours for $5,000 more than what the seller was asking for the home.  The home seller can now focus on finding the home that they will move into next. 

In the late fall, when home sales are supposed to be slow, I helped another home owner sell their 1st home within a few weeks of putting it on the market and then buy a larger home.  The whole process happened smoothly. 

You can get more money out of your home right now and then quickly move on to your next home.  When you go from being a home seller to a home buyer, you cannot waste time.  You have to make acceptable offers on the houses that you want in order to avoid a bidding war with someone else and in order to get a home securely under contract.  Once you have the home you want under contract, the seller of that home cannot sell the home to anyone else unless the sale falters over a contract contingency.  Call Nathan Walldorf at 423-544-7700.  I'll take you to coffee and explain the whole process.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.