If you don't sell your house now, you'll hate yourself later.

Here is why...

The inventory of homes for sale in the Chattanooga area is low.  The supply of homes that Chattanooga has for sale is enough to last 3.5 months.  In other words, if no new listing come on the market between now and 3.5 months from now, then Chattanooga would have no more homes to sell.  A healthy market typically has 5 months worth of inventory.  For a home seller, that means that there are less homes for sale to compete with your Chattanooga home.  For a home buyer, it is hard to not have as many option, but it is a perfect storm for a home seller.


The median sale price for homes in Chattanooga is up.  The median home sale price in August of 2018 was up by 3.9% to $187,000.  When the supply of homes is down, home prices go up.  Right now we are experiencing peaking home prices.  In a year from now, as interest rates keep rising, home prices will either slow down or the consumer will want to buy homes for less money.  That pressure by consumers could either make home prices stagnate for a period of time or drop in price for a period of time.


Right now home prices keep going up and the time it is taking homes to sell is going down.  Chattanooga's average days on the market went down by 25% to only 42 days in August.


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